We welcome you to the world of Unknown Furniture – a world filled with exiting and innovative furniture. 
At Unknown Furniture we strive to present spectacular Nordic contemporary and future design. 
We are passionate about how to combine Nordic design, new materials, aesthetics and functionality to create beautiful and unique pieces of furniture.
Right now we are focused on working with volcanic basalt and are fascinated by the strength, flexibility and the endless potential of this material. 


We have official dealers in several contries – find the one closest to you


You are always welcome to visit our showroom at Bomholtvej 10, DK-8680 Ry. Also you can take advantage of our desire to show our fantastic furniture by asking for the possibility of a visit from our mobile showroom.


The head quarter of Unknown Furniture is in Denmark. We are sole distributors of furniture designed by Raimonds Cirulis. We market the products under the trademark [BLACK].




Take a look at the [BLACK] series catalog

The products

Due to product developing we reserve the right to make changes in the assortment.
Every furniture is hand-made. Therefore measurements, weight, colour, structure and pattern of each furniture may vary. 
The furniture is not playable but for relaxing. 

Become a dealer

If you are interested in becoming a dealer, please contact us.

Nature shaped by hand

“Nature inspires, nature tells, nature gives peace –

all necessary for creation”

Raimonds Cirulis

Award winning designer