We extract the basalt stones from quarries. Since 80% of the Earth’s occuring lava stones are basalt the source is great. However it narrows down as the exact suitable lava stones with the right density have to be chosen for the production.

The basalt stones are heated up to 1450 degrees Celsius. The liquid mass is then pressed through nozzles and extracted into long fibers. The fibers (long threads) are cooled and rolled on a coil. After the cooling we can begin to create the furniture. Bio-resin binds the fibers together.

The fiber threads are woven by hand on a mold. After the furniture is done it is sandblasted to make the surface smooth. In order to encapsulate the fibers a Line-X polyurethan (rubber) cover is applied on the surface.  After the long process we finally have a new piece of furniture shaped by hand.