Raimonds Cirulis is the award winning designer of the furniture in the [BLACK] series. Since childhood Raimonds knew he would become an artist. He was intrigued on how to work with different technologies, materials, engineering and design. Over the years he studied in Latvia, Germany and Sweden and took in all the knowledge he could.

Still collecting as much knowledge as possible Raimonds favorite studies are now quantum physics, chemistry, bio-technologies and nuclear physics. Strange for a designer? Well – inspiration and answers come from different places and help in the design creation.The creation of the [BLACK] series was not done overnight – it took determination, hard work, “second tries”, reflection and open mindedness.

Raimonds lives and works at his house in the countryside of Latvia. Many experiments on new products unfold in the garden and creativity envelops the place.

Raimonds Cirulis is the first in the world to use volcanic basalt fibers in creating furniture.