Where else to go than in the Bios Hide if you want some quality time. Bios Hide is big enough for up to 2 adults to lie down and stretch-out inside – with the addition of a cushion inside life just doesn’t get any better. The aesthetic Bios Hide is a true magnet for both children and adults. And luckily the entire family will be able to fit inside.


Bios Nest is the perfect retreat. Time stands still as Bios hanging nest moves silently and gently. This is the ultimate relaxation for adults as well as children. Even though you are shrouded in the nest you can easily see what is going on outside, through the woven pattern. This is the furniture if you need a little peace.


Bios Mini is the smallest of the Bios furniture and is tting for one adult or a couple of children. There are several perfect spots for this nest – in the house, on the terrace, by the beach or underneath a big old tree. Once inside the Bios Mini you find your peace.


”Shining, bright, transparent” are some of the words used to describe Lucid. This piece of hand-made furniture takes you on a silent trip as it flows above ground with you as the passenger. This sculptural swing is truly one of a kind.


Bios Alpha draws its design inspiration from the iconic Zeppelin airship. An adult can easily lie stretched out inside to enjoy the silent motion within Bios Alpha. Add the cushion and you have unparalleled comfort.

Bios Alpha is big enough to share & enjoy with friends – this luxury hanging nest seats 2-3 adults!

The [BLACK] series


Sit down in a Self Chair and you are ready for hours of “hygge” (“hygge” is Danish for coziness, lots of candles, hot chocolate, sitting around the fireplace, maybe eating a cake (or more) and lots of family and friends at your side). The Self Chair provides excellent comfort.


Simplicity, ergonomic comfort & perfect seating posture come together in this compact chair. Only Chair weighs just 5.5 kg so you can easily carry it wherever you want, inside the home or in the garden.


This functional chair can be used inside as well as outside. Core Chair is beautifully shaped with a timeless & sculptural design. It is fantastically comfortable and provides excellent support in all the right places.


Who doesn’t need an extra hug? Hug Chair is a piece of art you might well find in an art gallery. Raimonds Cirulis finds the ultimate harmonious combination of design and shape with Hug Chair.


”Stellar” means outstanding and wonderful and is a word of praise or excitement. Stellar literally means ”like a star” and yes – this chair is suited for a star.


This is the chair to get comfortable in! Well Chair provides great support to your back and is the perfect choice when you need to relax.


Race Chair has a unique aesthetic style where designer Raimonds Cirulis challenges & reinterprets both the shape and the look of a traditional chair. Race Chair offers unbeatable comfort and is the perfect choice for relaxing.


Why not put up your feet…Alien footstool goes perfectly with any of the chairs in the [BLACK] series. You can also use it as a stool.


This small elegant table can be combined with all the chairs in the [BLACK] series. As you may notice this conical table resembles of an hour glass. The designer Raimonds Cirulis finds inspiration for his designs everywhere.


New Item Autumn 2018