”Stellar” means outstanding and wonderful and is a word of praise or excitement. Stellar literally means ”like a star” and yes – this chair is suited for a star.

Despite Stellar Chair’s large proportions it weighs only 19 kg. The rays of the sun can find their way through the chair’s woven patterns to create a beautiful decoration on the floor next to the chair. An extra bonus!


Since 80% of the Earth’s occuring lava stones are basalt the source is great. However it narrows down as the exact suitable lava stones have to be chosen for the production.

Basalt Fibers

The basalt stones are heated up to 1.450 degrees Celcius. The liquid mass is then pressed through nozzles to give long fibers. After the fibers are cooled down we can begin to create the furniture.  Bio-resin bind the fibers together.

Nature shaped by hand

The fibers are woven by hand on or inside the form whereby Unique patterns are created. Finally we have a new piece of furniture shaped by hand.

Product details


Material: Volcanic basalt fiber and Line-X coating


H: 96 cm

W: 112 cm

D: 120 cm

Weight: 19 kg

Colour: Black

Design: Raimonds Cirulis

Nature shaped by hand

Unknown Furniture ApS is the sole distributor af the [BLACK] series worldwide and we have several dealers around the world.

As we constantly are developing the products we reserve the right to make changes in the assortment.

Every furniture is hand-made. Therefore measurements, weight, colour, structure and pattern of each furniture may vary.

The furniture is not for playing, but for relaxing.

Visit www.the-black-series.com for more information.

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