Bios Hide

20.873,00 kr.

Bios Hide hanging chair

Bios Hide hanging chair is the most aesthetic and comfortable swing chair you can ever imagine. It is handmade from volcanic lava stone mixed with Bio Resin. It has a weight of only 30 kg and is tested to carry up to 250 kg. It is the only hanging chair where 2 adults can lie next to each other. Besides being the most comfortable piece of furniture you can imagine, the Bios Hide also offer a room of tranquility where the material used to make it ensures a sound reduction of 4,5 db. Together with the gentle motions, you feel absolutely stress relived having enjoyed a break in the swing chair.

The Bios Hide hanging chair is fitted with a luxury cushion made with water repellent Panama Agora Fabric. A high quality UV-resistant fabric excellent for outdoor use. We also supply a Cover for the hanging chair so that cushions can be left out the entire time. This will also prevent cats and birds from entering when the Bios Hide is not being used. In general a total set consists of:

Bios Hide 

Stand Hide

Cushion Luxe

Deco Pillows

Cover Hide

The new material we use is 3 times stronger than steel and can withstand both salt and chlorine, thus making our products excellent for use near the sea, by swimming pools or even inside spas. And furthermore no maintenance is needed...

Bios Hide can be purchased through one of our dealers. Please contact us if you need help finding the nearest dealer.

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