Beautiful, organic and natural are some of the adjectives to describe the lava panels. Only our imagination sets limits to what the panels can be used for.

Maybe you are in need of wall decoration? Or maybe a room divider? Perhaps a beautiful decoration of the ceiling which at the same time provides a sound-absorbing effect.

The panels are handmade and can be costumized to meet your wishes.


Restaurants with many guests tend to become a high-noise environment, but perhaps this is the easiest and most beautiful solution to this challenge.

Room dividers give the guest an experience of having a private room, but due to the organic and transparent design of the panels you still get the feeling of being a part of the restaurants pulsating atmosphere.

In this restaurant the partition walls are not only used to create private spaces, but also as a decoration. As the panels absorbs sound you get an even more calm environment.


Partition walls has throughout the ages been a popular, easy and immediate choice when in need of some privacy.  For example in bedooms and bathrooms. They were often beautifully decorated Рin fabric or in wood.

The inspiration for the lava panels today is found in the organic shapes in nature. A room decorated with plants and other natural materials complement the partition wall perfectly.