Unknown Nordic

Lava Lounge 

The lava lounge set creates a spectacular and beautiful outdoor space on the terrace. The sofa is composed of 6 pieces of handmade furniture and offers excellent seating and cozy comfort.

As the furniture is resitant to salt and chlorine the lounge sofa is also perfectly placed near the pool or by the sea.


The indside of cushions is made of quick dry foam making the lounge sofa well prepared for outside life.

The fabric comes in 5 standard colours.

The furniture is for outdoor use all year round. No maintenance required.


Material: Volcanic basalt and Bullet-Liner

Corner module: W124 x L124 x H68 cm
Center module: W110 x L120 x H68 cm
End module: W110 x L60 H28 cm
Table: W90 x L90 x H35 cm

One complete lounge set is composed of 1 corner module + 2 center modules + 2 end modules and 1 table.


lava lounge by the pool with room divider in denmark 1366x768
Lava Lounge from Unknown Nordic on the terrace in the sunset 960x750
Lava Lounge from Unknown Nordic on top floor terrace 960x750
lava nest fire pit from Unknown Nordic on a stylish terrace in the sunset 1920x1200_

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