BIOS LUCID Hanging Chair

The perfect combination of aesthetic and functionality.

With its open and aesthetic handmade pattern the Bios Lucid Hanging Chair is the prefect place to find comfort and relaxation. And not only does the appearance of the Bios Lucid Hanging Chair have a close resemblance to that of a tree crown, furthermore these iconic hanging chairs also gives the user the same feeling of comfort and safety as the tree crowns offers to its occupants. The Bios Lucid hanging chairs is the true manifestation of Nature Shaped by Hand.

Swinging or gently rocking in a Bios Lucid hanging chair can have therapeutic benefits. It may help reduce stress, promote relaxation, and provide a calming effect, making it a great addition to spaces where you want to create a tranquil atmosphere. Furthermore children often love hanging chairs as they can be a fun and comfortable spot to read, play, or relax.

The Bios can be fitted with a Stand to hang from, luxury cushions and pillows for optimal comfort and a cover for protection and even use on cold or rainy days.

bios lucid hanging chair from Unknown Nordic time to be concrete 640x900

Bios Lucid Hanging Chair

Measurements: H142 x W154 x D95 cm

Weight: 18 kg

Payload: 250 kg. 1 persons

Material: Basalt fiber, Bio Resin & Bullit Liner coating.

Resistant to UV, salt and chlorine

Heat absorbing material

No maintenance required

Can be cleaned with a high pressure cleaner

Color: Black as standard. All RAL colors available on request

Accessories: Cushion S, Stand L, Cover & Pillow set.

bios hide hanging chair with little girl
bios lucid hanging chair from Unknown Nordic in the gallery 640x900
bios hide hanging chair by the pool in denmark
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Bios Lucid hanging chairs and more...

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