Bios Hide

Hanging Chair

Bios Hide

The perfect combination of aesthetic and functionality.

With its open and aesthetic handmade pattern the Bios Hide is the prefect place to find comfort and relaxation. Not only does the appearance of the Bios Hide have a close resemblance to that of a tree crown, this iconic hanging chair also gives the user the same feeling of comfort and safety as the tree crowns offers to its occupants. The Bios hanging chairs are the true manifestation of Nature Shaped by Hand.

The Bios Hide is truly extraordinary offering room for 2-3 people. The Bios is tested to carry up to 250 kg. It is completely weatherproof  and can remain outside all year long. And with the cover on it can be used even during winter. It is furthermore resistant to salt and chlorine and needs no maintenace. Cleansing  is done with clean water and can even be done with a high pressure washer. And even though the color is black the material absorbs the heat and is comfortable to touch even on very hot days. 

The Bios can be fitted with a Stand to hang from, luxury cushions and pillows for optimal comfort and a cover to enable protection and even use on cold or rainy days.

Bios Hide

Measurements: H185 xW191 x D105 cm

Weight: 30 kg

Material: Basalt fiber, Bio Resin & Bullit Liner

Color: Black as standard. All RAL colors available on request

Accessories: Cushions Luxe + L, Stand L, Cover Hide & Pillows.