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COVER Bios Hide

The cover fits the popular Bios Hide hanging lounger. Use it for protecting pillows, cushions and blankets from rain – or maybe to extend the season for outdoor living. Make your own cozy space by hanging the cover round the opening of the lounger. 

The cover is made of thin and waterproof fabric. The cover can be assembled on the back. 


Bios Hide from Unknown Nordic with one piece cover at night in Denmark 1920x1200


A must-have to a hanging lounger. You’ll get incomparable comfort and enjoy the your hanging lounger to the fullest. 

Comes in 4 models:

Luxe for Bios Hide and Bios Alpha

S for Bios Nest, Mini and Lucid

Standard fabric is Panama Agora.

See the colors here…

We also have a special SPA fabric, Panama Silvertex, which is extremely suitable for SPA areas. This fabric can be disinfected after use.

See the colors here…



Bios Hide from Unknown Nordic with beige luxe cushion 1920x1200


Pillows make every furniture more cozy! Combine the cushion with matching color pillows or spice it up with complementary colors or a striped modern look

The pillows come in set of 2 pcs 50×50 cm and 1 pcs 38×38 cm.  As of 2024 we are introducing a new standard set with the following sizes: 1 pcs 38×38, 1 pcs 50×50 and 1 pcs 60×40 cm.

Rayre Stribed pillow set consist of 2 pcs grey stribed 50×50 cm pillows and 1 38×38 blue stribed pillow.

STAND L for Bios

One STAND for all Bios…

L stand: X Base: 180×180 cm. Arch: 245 cm. 70 kg. Payload 250 kg. 


Galvanized Steel and powder coating. (C4 coating)

On request can be Polyurethane coated for a C5 coating.

Guarantee 5 years

Stand L from Unknown Nordic

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