Hanging Loungers


COVER Bios Hide

The cover fits the popular Bios Hide hanging lounger. Use it for protecting pillows, cushions and blankets from rain – or maybe to extend the season for outdoor living. Make your own cozy space by hanging the cover round the opening of the lounger. 

The cover is made of thin and waterproof fabric. The cover can be assembled on the back. 



A must-have to a hanging lounger. You’ll get incomparable comfort and enjoy the your hanging lounger to the fullest. 

Comes in 4 models: Luxe – L – S
and a special hardy SPA version.
Standard colors: Oliva, Cloud, Lapis,
Onyx, Beige-Cafe. Possible to get special color cushion. Made of the fabric Panama Agora. SPA fabric is Panama Silvertex.








Pillow set Rayre (stribed)

Pillow set Onyx


Pillows make every furniture more cozy! Combine the cushion with matching color pillows or spice it up with complementary colors or a striped modern look

The pillows come in set of 2 pcs 50×50 cm and 1 pcs 70×70 cm.  Standard colors are Oliva, Cloud, Lapis, Onyx and Beige-Café. 

Rayre Stribed pillow set consist of 2 pcs grey stribed 50×50 cm pillows and 1 extra large 70×70 blue stribed pillow.

Pillow set Beige-Café

Pillow set Lapis

Pillow set Oliva

Pillow set Cloud


Size S and L that fit the large and smaller hanging loungers. 

S stand: 180×180 cm. Height 210 cm. 70 kg. Carries 250 kg. Made of steel and C4 coated black. 
L stand: 180×180 cm. Height 235 cm. 75 kg. Carries 250 kg. Made of steel and C4 coated black. 

Possible to get C5 coated stands costumized to the harsh and aggressive environment in spa- and pool areas.  


The Dyna rope is special made for the Bios Hide on a stand. This rope does not expand over time and ensures that the Bios Hide is kept in the right distance above ground.