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Cozy times

We welcome you to the world of lava design. Please have a look at the furniture and other handmade products made of lava.

The organic design and great comfort of every furniture is perfect for cozy times. This is the best spot for you, your family and friends to curl up in.

The popular hanging loungers invites you in and gives an incomparable furniture experience. 









Every lava product can be left outside all year round

Great strength

The lava is said to be 3 times stronger than steel


The lava is resistant to salt and chlorine

Sound reduction

Documented sound reduction of up to 4.4 Decibel 

No maintenance

No maintenance required even if it is left outside

PERFEct for spa & Wellness

The best of 2021



Every piece of lava furniture or lava product is handmade and will always be unique.