Unknown Nordic

Luxury furniture made from lava stone.

The superior material

All products from Unknown Nordic are made from a combination af basalt fibers and bio resin. The basalt fibers are extruded from volcanic lava and made into very thin fibers. Hereafter the fibers are mixed with bio resin and shaped by hand on molds. The result is that every piece of furniture has a unique pattern…

The material has some extraordinary properties, where the most important are heat absorption, resistance to salt and chlorine, sound reduction, a strength 3 times the strength of steel and no maintenance requirements.

A truly luxurious material… 


Unknown Nordic produces a wide range of products.


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Bios HIde cosiness


Take time to see some of the projects Unknown Nordic has been involved in.

Lava Panel and Race table

Installed in Norway at the world famous Nordic skier Therese Johaug’s fantastic place.

Bios Hide on the west coast of Jutland

From an Unknown Nordic photoshoot at the west coast of Jutland.

Villa Remus Mallorca

Installed at Villa Remus in Sun Vida, Mallorca.

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