unknown nordic


Cozy times

We welcome you to the world of handmade lava design. 

At Unknown Nordic we integrate outdoor living into the design of our homes. Creating outdoor spaces to have even more time with friends and family is a reflection of our values of living.

We believe that opening our private spaces to friends and family provides one of the best ways to create a relaxing atmosphere for being together. Cozyness, warmth and unity fused together as one.









Every lava product can be left outside all year round

Great strength

The lava is said to be 3 times stronger than steel


The lava is resistant to salt and chlorine

Sound reduction

Documented sound reduction of up to 4.4 Decibel 

No maintenance

No maintenance required inside or outside

PERFEct for spa & Wellness

The best of 2021



Every piece of lava furniture or lava product is handmade and will always be unique.